The evolution of computer programming languages

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History of programming languages

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Programming language

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What Is Computer Programming?

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Thanks to the evolution of interfaces, personal computer performance, application availability for various of purposes, miniaturization of devices, network, shared resources and friendly. The aim of the research is to clarify whether cultural evolution is like biological evolution, but the specific results about programming languages are still interesting to us programmers.

What Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn in 2018?

The data source was Wikipedia's extensive pages on computer languages, a total of different languages to be exact. Programming languages are said to be "lower" or "higher," depending on how close they are to the language the computer itself uses (Os and 1s = low) or to the language.

Programming languages have been under development for years and will remain so for many years to come. They got their start with a list of steps to wire a computer to perform a task. Programming languages, believe it or not, have existed for over years, since the invention of the punch-card-programmable Jacquard loom.

It wasn’t a programming language in the modern sense.

The evolution of computer programming languages
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