Spanish orthography

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A Note on Spanish Orthography

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Spanish orthography explained

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Appendix:Tagalog orthography

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advise - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Adapting an Educational Game for Spanish Orthography to make it Adaptive and Accessible Cristina Carmona, David Bueno, Miguel A. Jiménez Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad de Málaga, Spain.

Spanish orthography October 12, by Graham | 2 Comments Last week’s post was my own translation of an interview that Professor Salvador Gutiérrez, member of the Real Academia Española, and Professor of General Linguistics at the University of León in Spain, gave to the Spanish newspaper “La Razón” in May (¿Sabemos escribir?).

All Spanish loanwords, except proper nouns, can be respelled according to native orthography. e.g. cebollas -> sibuyas, componer -> kumpuni, socorro -> saklolo, pero -> pero All loanwords from other Filipino languages may maintain their original spellings.

Spanish orthography is the orthography used in the Spanish language. The alphabet uses the Latin script. The spelling is fairly phonemic, especially in comparison to more opaque orthographies like English and Irish. Spanish orthographic accent is an important part of leraning Spanish language, this site will teach all rules about this topic with the most complete examples.

Spanish orthography
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