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Honors & Scholars Essay – My Essay and Tips for Yours!

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Ohio State University Requirements for Admission

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Honors & Scholars Essay – My Essay and Tips for Yours!

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'contributing to the world' Center's G.O.A.L.S; Ohio State Honors Program Essay

How do students apply to the University Honors Program or the Ohio State Scholars Programs? Select which of the two general programs you'd like to be considered for, and respond to the Honors & Scholars essay prompt.

The essay prompt for students applying for autumn admission is. Applying. To apply as an incoming student, fill out the Honors application form and send the accompanying essay to [email protected] deadline is April.

Ohio State offers a range of scholarships to incoming freshmen that reward academic merit. All applicants must apply to the Ohio State University Honors Program.

Eminence Fellows are selected on the basis of outstanding potential and all majors are encouraged to apply. Written expression through essays (Common/Coalition and Eminence).

In fall ofI was preparing my Common App application for Ohio State (I submitted September 30 – so early!), and I wanted to enhance my undergraduate education by being in either an Honors program or a Scholars program.

Nov 15,  · I would appreciate a final look through of my essay for the Ohio State Honors Program due tomorrow. I had trouble staying within in the word limit and it is currently words. Honors students are great, and of course so are all OSU students, but I fit in with honors especially.

Warning, though: it's hard. You wouldn't think any program at OSU (with its reputation) would be hard, but the honors curriculum necessary to graduate "with honors" is HARD.

Osu honors program essay
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The Ohio State University - Honors & Scholars Program Application