Horatio alger by harlon dalton

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Horatio alger harlon dalton essay summary

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Dalton also believes that the deep appeal of the Horatio Alger myth is that it allows and even pulls people in the direction they want to go.

Psychologically, the Horatio Alger myth opens many doors. When the odds are stacked against you, one often has to convince himself that “there is. In the essay “Horatio Alger” by Harlon L.


Dalton, Dalton argues that the Horatio Alger myth regarding commercial success is false and is socially destructive. He first claims that a individuals success in life cannot be determined by that individual himself.

Harlon L. Dalton, who is one of the biggest opponents of the “Alger Myth,” offers up the typical response from proponents of the “Alger Myth” when given these numbers: “All it takes to make it in America is initiative, hard work, persistence, and pluck.

Horatio Alger Jr. (/ ˈ æ l dʒ ər /; January 13, – July 18, ) was an American writer, best known for his many young adult novels about impoverished boys and their rise from humble backgrounds to lives of middle-class security and comfort through hard work, determination, courage, and honesty.

His writings were characterized by the "rags-to-riches" narrative, which had a formative. Harlon Dalton is Professor of Law at Yale Law School and an ordained minister in the Episcopal church.

Professor Dalton, a progressive liberal, received his A.B. from Harvard and his J.D.

Harlon L. Dalton

from Yale. The main focus of Dalton's career has been on the interplays between law, theology, and psychology. Harlon L. Dalton in his essay “Horatio Alger” criticizes a concept of the “American dream” – the idea that presents America as the country where the opportunity for a success is possible for all hard working, talented and determined people regardless of race, gender and their social status.

Horatio alger by harlon dalton
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