Gal4 gfp enhancer trap system

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Development and evaluation of a Gal4-mediated LUC/GFP/GUS enhancer trap system in Arabidopsis

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GAL4/UAS system

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Nanomedicine and Biomaterials, where small molecule drugs, biologics, functionalized polymers and hydrogels are developed as therapeutics and carriers for the controlled release and targeted delivery of therapeutics to diseased cells and organs. GAL4-GFP enhancer trap system It’s a system for GAL4 targeted gene expression.

An enhancer trap vector bearing a modified GAL4-VP16 gene was inserted randomly into the Arabidopsis genome by Agro bacterium mediated transformation. A single pair of interneurons commands the Drosophila feeding motor program.

Thomas F. Flood, Shinya Iguchi, Michael Gorczyca, Benjamin White, Kei Ito, Motojiro Yoshihara Nature,().

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Figure 6: Principle of the GAL4:GFP enhancer trap system for gene misexpression in specific cell types. A modified GAL4 gene (GAL4-VP16) fused to a minimal promoter (MP) that responds to chromosomal enhancer elements is introduced into transgenic plants on a T-DNA vector.

In this manner, the toxigenetic method, taking advantage of the enhancer-trap P[GAL4] system, which is based on the trapping of enhancers and silencers for the spatiotemporal modulation of expression of the effector gene, appears to resemble this concept of the pleiotropy of “behavioral genes.”.

GAL4-GFP enhancer trap system. A system for GAL4 targeted gene expression. An enhancer trap vector bearing a modified GAL4-VP16 gene was inserted randomly into the Arabidopsis genome by Agrobacterium mediated transformation.

GAL4/UAS system Gal4 gfp enhancer trap system
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GAL4 GFP enhancer trap lines for analysis of stomatal guard cell development and gene expression