Evaluation of critical thinking in a baccalaureate nursing program

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Evaluation of critical thinking in baccalaureate nursing program

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Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing Students: a Comparison Between Freshmen and Senior Students

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or evaluation of critical thinking skills, and specialized accreditation for baccalaureate nursing programs. Three articles will be presented so as to be suitable for publication in a professional journal in nursing.

BSN Mission & Program Outcomes

Journal of Nursing Education. The candidate will be the primary author of each article. CRITICAL THINKING Several longitudinal studies used the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (3) to measure the critical thinking of RN students (20) and nursing students (21,22) at the onset and completion of a BSN program.

The design of the study was a descriptive, pretest-posttest design. A convenience sample of 84 undergraduate nursing students, composed of 47 sophomores and 37 juniors, volunteered to participate in the study. Sophomore and junior students attending a prelicensure, four-year baccalaureate nursing program were the study participants.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Evaluation of critical thinking in baccalaureate nursing program | The assessment of critical thinking traditionally has been accomplished through observation of students by faculty in clinical settings and evaluation of written patient assessments and care plans.

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CaJucdello, M.L. (). Critical thinking skills and dispositions of baccalaureate nursing studente- A conceptual model for evaluation. Journal of Professional Nursing, 13, Conger, M.M., & Mezza, I.

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(). Fostering critical thinking in nursing students in the clinical setting. Nurse Educator, ZI, The National League for Nursing (NLN) includes the measurement of critical thinking as a required outcome in the evaluation and accreditation of baccalaureate and higher degree programs in nursing.

Evaluation of critical thinking in a baccalaureate nursing program
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Evaluation of critical thinking in baccalaureate nursing program